Rue du Sermon, Sark GY10 1SF

Minister: Rev David Stolton with effect from 01 September Tel 832040

Local Contact: Ms Lorraine Nicolle 832434 or 832624

Presence, Participation and Partnership

Sunday Worship at 9.30 am

Holy Communion on the 1st Sunday of the month

All Age Worship every Sunday, the children remain in the service throughout.

There is an opportunity for the children (5-10 years) to work on activities related to the theme in the small area at the side of the church once the children's address has taken place.  The all-age activities are usually explained at the start of the service and then an adult may go over and join in with the activities with the children.

The Development of the Ecumenical Partnership

There has been a close relationship between St Peter's Anglican Church and the Methodist Church on Sark, for many years: supporting each other's traditions; following a regular pattern of United Services and liaison over pastoral needs. 

Having worshipped together on many occasions and worked together in the service of God and the people of Sark in so many varied ways, we believed that the time was right to create the opportunity for both churches to exercise their distinct and shared ministries sharing a single minister. (the 'Minister') 

We therefore enter into this partnership together for the sake of the Gospel and the people of Sark as a sign of God's calling to us today.  The partnership begain in September 2017.

For information about St Peter's Church please visit their website: Sark Parish Church


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