Les Camps


La Route des Camps, St Martins (Perry's Guide 30D1)

Minister: Rev Stephen Dallin on 239144

(more information is available at www.lescamps.com)

You will receive a warm welcome at Les Camps.






Our Mission is to tell others of God's love for them and to reach out especially in the local community, with love and practical help as well as to give help and support to our own Church family.  We also support other christian projects overseas.

We have two Sunday Services each Sunday: the morning one at 10.30 am with traditional hymns played on the organ as well as Songs of Fellowship led by one or two musicians and singers.  Often there is a theme for worship running over a short period of time.

The evening service at 6.00 pm is a more contemporary form of worship supported by the Music Group, with tea and coffee served beforehand.  

Our children have their own form of worship in the morning at 10.30 am in the Church Hall and are collectively known as "Lightbulb".  Usually twice a month they will join the congregation in the Church for the first 15 minutes of the morning service.

We are a very active Church in our outreach and provide various clubs and social gatherings on and off our premises each week (see "what's on" for details).



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